Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Daddy Likes Clearance Sales at the Land of Walmart...

There are few things more glorious than getting DVD movies, chock full o' features for a paltry $4.88. I've no idea what most of these movies are doing in a "get the hell out of the store" bin, but it's a boon waiting to happen.

In the last 20 days or so, the following titles made their way into my DVD Collection:

For $4.88/disc:

-- The Day After: The only disc that doesn't have features is one that I remember vividly watching as a child: I even remember WHERE I was watching it - Ray Ambrose's house (a boyfriend of my Mother's) in Barrington, IL just outside of Chicago - with his son Ramie and his daughter Holly. However - I don't remember ANYTHING about the movie except that Jason Robards (good Gawd: he's been dead 5 years already) was in it and that it depicted the end of the world as we know it. Strange, isn't it? I've since taken a Sunday evening late to watch it and will throw up a Blow by Blow Review of it in the near future.

-- The General's Daughter: Not sure if I'm a closeted Sweathogs fan and am drawn to John Travolta, or if I just like seeing him be "badass" (in this case, an undercover badass and an everyday smartass when not in asshole's clothing) in movies. I had seen this movie when it aired in the theater opening weekend and remember enjoying it - it's in the same vein as half a dozen other "mystery thrillers" that run thru my brain: Double Jeopardy, Along Came a Spider - that line of movies. What caught my eye was that Simon West, the director, had a commentary track on this film. With the awesome visuals, the stellar, talent-filled cast, and some deleted scenes and alternate endings, this was an easy one to add to my collection.

-- Beverly Hills Cop: I had to look twice when I saw this in the el cheapo rack, but sure as a lemon twist - there it was. Carrying a commentary track from Martin Brest (Actor turned Director in the 80's and on), some great back-then cast and crew interviews and a couple of documentaries, this disc, for $4.88, is a total steal, folks. This also marks one of the very few movies that I really believe Eddie Murphy made before he was replaced by a talentless doppleganger that only looks like him and accepts worthless gag scripts that surely make money but don't have the punch that this, "48 Hrs", "Boomerang", "Trading Places", and the like.

and for $14.98:
-- 2 Disc Pack of:

-- Troy (2 Disc Widescreen Version) : I don't yet have an explanation of this, other than to say that I remembered a series of up and down reviews from a variety of critics that I admire. I also noted a "3-D Glossary of the Myths of the Greek Gods" which sounded slick and an excellent addition to the general knowledge library.

-- The Last Samurai (2 Disc Widescreen Version) : I think this was the reason I bought this two pack in general. I am a fan of Tom Cruise and this is one of the few movies that I never caught. I look forward to both watching this, as well as a commentary track from Director (and producer of a great many films I have enjoyed) Edward Zwick. Seemed like a slam dunk in regard to overall satisfaction-ability for me.

I'll be sure to put links to these as well as my initial thoughts or opinions of the material I've been able to screen/listen to.