Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Next "24" Season - Four Hours in Two Nites!

Just when you thought "24" didn't have anymore cool surprises in regard to format...

The next season will feature the first four hours in 2 2-hour action packed evenings!

Very slick!

Check out the announcement below and if you aren't a "24" Fan yet, there are all kinds of reasons to be.


"24" Series Five Premiere
Source: 24Fans.Com

"...Fox‘s real-time drama '24' which will again kick off its season with four episodes screening on two consecutive nights...
The fifth season will premiere with two episodes from 8-10 p.m. January 8, followed by two from 8-10 p.m. January 9 (the second episode January 9 will be the show‘s 100th). On January 16, the fifth hour of "24" will air in the show‘s regular 9 p.m. Monday slot.

The scheduling strategy is designed to let viewers watch an entire season on a weekly basis without repeats or pre-emptions..."

Confimation their that Day Five will kick off in the same way that Day Four did, and that helped in achieve the highest ratings of any series. Link to the original article is below, but be warned, contains major spoilers regarding casting details some may wish to avoid.
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Great "24" Fan News...

I was surfing for a few minutes after several great "24" episodes on the A&E Marathon, and saw this neat tidbit at 24Fans.Com. It's some terrific news for those of us that are fans and even for those who are not yet "24" fans.


""24": U.S. DVD Strikes BackSource:
Source: 24Fans.Com

As predicted by various rumours and other murmurings, the upcoming (6th of December) U.S. release of series four will carry on the well-worn tradition of the region 1 dvd getting more extras than the region 2. The U.S. DVD will include no-less than 12 episode commentaries.

Although some of the episodes selected for commentaries seem a bit odd (there are no commentaries for episodes 12 or 13, two of the best episodes of the series after the final two) and the list of participants sadly lack any of the veteran cast members from the series (Mary Lynn Rajskub who plays Chloe is the only cast member to do a commentary who didn't make there debut on the show this year), but then it does include commentaries on the first and finale episodes.

Other extras exclusive to the US release is a Series 4/5 bridge or Series 5 prequel, which has been made during the filming of Series 5, and a Series 5 trailer. If I had the money and the ability to play U.S. discs, my copy would be on pre-order right now.
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Recent Acquisitions - 9-1-2005

With even more great DVD's going on clearance, and a variety of new movies hitting the shelves, it's time to update the collection and provide you with a listing of newly acquired goodness.

I also wanted to once again tout DVD Profiler, a DVD Collection detailing program as well. I've been able to follow new releases and more via that programs newest features and it's been great to have a one-stop source to checkout whenever I add in new entries.

We're throwing three more into My Collection. The first is one that touches not only the heart, but offers up one of the few ridiculous comedies:

TOMMY BOY: In 1997 Chris Farley died, and was clearly gone too soon. His short but solid impact is offered in what is his best offering as a comedic actor, "Tommy Boy" starting a cavalcade of stars from all over Hollywood, and fosters what was one of the best comedy teams on the planet. He and David Spade offered a relationship that many people my age and a bit younger can totally connect with. The sniping, decadent insult that supports many-a-relationship is something that a great many people can relate with.

While Tommy Boy doesn't offer an Academy Award Winning film for viewers to watch, it does offer a glimpse into a career that could have gone a long way, with features that include some great commentaries and behind the scenes stuff that is not to be missed. A segment with Chris' brothers is particularly interesting.

THREE KINGS: Two of my favorite like-to-watch actors (Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube), and George Clooney are in this film, and it offered what is a decidedly different view of the first Iraqi War. I am interested in hearing the director commentary from director David Russell who has completely different views than I do on war, but offered one of the movies I remember most from the late 90's.

AMERICAN PSYCHO: This is the movie that brought Christian Bale to stardom and to the interest of many who have enjoyed his career so far. It's an "Uncut Version" so I am interested to see how "un-toned down" this version is. The movie as I originally recall was already very graphic and very dark.

Be sure to check the links about these films here and let me know if you have any opinion on any of the information that I've provided here.