Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Recent Additions - August 2006

A hearty August "HELLO" to everyone!

Below is the listing of the most recent acquisitions, along with a short missive about what they mean to me. Chime in with YOUR thoughts on any of these and tell your friends to come and visit. Comments are always welcome!

-- A History of Violence: One of the sleepers of late last year, this film provides you with a very captivating story, that goes into a variety of different direction that I never expected. Whether it be a very sexy Maria Bell. the solid acting chops of Viggo Mortenson, or the definitive performances of Ed Harris and William Hurt. this one will not disappoint.

-- Battle of the Bulge: There is definitely a way that movies used to be made. This is a shining example of how movies, especially war films, were made in the mid-sixties. With a disgustingly all-star cast, this one, along with Flight of the Phoenix, are films that really are made to pass the test of time. Solid entertainment.

-- 12 Monkeys: This is a movie that came out in 1995, and while I have seen each piece of it since then, until now, I've never seen it all at the same time. This is an excellent, almost stage-like offering that everyone really should see, especially if you don't like any of the actors in it, because it really does take these actors to places they either had never been or eventually revisited to make really solid depictions of actors that "used to just be stars."

-- Out of Time: This was one of the strangest 2-packs I'd ever seen. Partnered with the 80's "FIREFOX" this Denzel Washington vehicle really had one reason backing it's purchase. It wasn't the $6.99 total cost of 2 DVDs, it wasn't that it's such a great story (though it is solid) - honestly it was that the decadent EVA MENDEZ is in it. ZOWIE. I don't normally show my SCHAWING Shadow, but good googley moogely. She is a hottie, and provides something very satisfying to look at during the span of this film.

-- Syriana: I can't believe I haven't even opened this film yet. About a week after I'd purchased it, my father called me to tell me "not to waste my time on it" which truly is schocking. I hope that eventually I'll be able to slit this one open and give'r a view. It's got a ton of actors I like, and had a couple of critics on-board, whose opinions I really do respect.

-- FIREFOX: 1982 was a fine year for the Russians, and this movie not only catered to my love of aircraft in general, but also made me buy a Learn Russian dictionary that helped me with a play I was in during high school playing a russian spy! Ha! The special effects are remarkably not so cheddar cheesy, but the story really does move along at a pace that makes you want to watch.

-- AMAZING STORIES - Season One: There are few things that bring a smile to my face as large as the ability to OWN these stories on DVD. For those that missed this, you REALLY DID MISS something of a hallmark during the 1980's. Looking for just about any star that was or has become anything inthe last 30 years? Check out this set of more dramatic/less Twilight Zone weird stories that DO NOT DISAPPOINT. The packaging is extraordinary, the transfer of the episodes is first rate, and not only features some of the best soundtrack work from John Williams, but also served as a test bed for great composers of moviedom including James Horner. Just first rate stuff, folks.

-- V for Vendetta: A wild card for me to be sure, but I really did like the movie, and Natalie Portman's portrayal in it. I was never familiar with the graphic novel that his movie was based on, but the effects, the story of the star's exit and recast, and the fact that it's from the same poeple that made the genius that is the Matrix Trilogy is something that lit the fire for this one. I also got a Cinefex Magazine that details the making of this movie, and it TRULY is inspiring. I'd like to get more people to chime in on this movie and what they thought of it, especially the last 15 minutes or so.

-- PRISON BREAK - Season One: A FANTASTIC Anniversary gift from my lovely bride, this set is one that I've been waiting for, for a long time. I initially started watching this series on television, but then I got tied into my 24 Bloggery, and eventual Podcast called "2GuysTalking: 24" -- and sadly, this series was lost in the busy-ness. How happy I am that Gloria got it for me. We watched the first 4 hours this last Sunday, and she too really likes the series. What a neat way to spend time together, enjoying what is CLEARLY one of the most solid television shows on television today.

-- The Towering Inferno: This special edition DVD was released a couple of months ago, and with the Anniversary of September 11th rolling in soon, I thought I would get this and give it a view over a weekend here soon. I remember very little of it, other than lots of people in dress clothes, and the usual suspects that populate Irwin Allen romps like this. More after I get to it.

-- THE SIMPSONS - Season 8: I have NO IDEA how this set snuck up on me, but while strolling through Walmart with Jade today when dropping off my wife at work, what to my wandering eyes should appear? That's right - a miniature picture of Maggie Simpson and the rest of the Simpson clan on the front cover of the most recent SIMPSONS Season Set! This is remarkably where I STOPPED WATCHING the Simpsons, so this will be a very enlightening experience when we crack this open and watch these. Just think: There are 8 more sets that away that remain largely UNSEEN to me. AMAZING!

-- PATTON - 2 DISC Special Edition: Amazingly, this is one of the most classic movies, that I didn't own yet, and today at Walmart - there it was for a mere $10! Consider me bought! I look forward to the many special features on these discs, including what is listed as one of the best transfers of classic cinema to the small screen ever. Get out and GET YOURS Today!

So there we have it! Chime in on what YOU think of these great inserts, and don't forget to use your time wisely with DVD Profiler from Intervocative.