Saturday, October 07, 2006

Recent Additions - October, 2006

The last several weeks have been ones dedicated to getting our podcasting sites up, running and able, so there's plenty of acquisition, and very little watching going on. Check out the listings here and be sure to post your thoughts on them - I'm always on the hunt for more opinions on the collection that continues to grow. Thanks!

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring.: Limited Edition. 2-Disc Set
Yes, my mission to make Peter Jackson more money continues. These editions, in addition to providing you with both full screen and widescreen editions of the movie on one front and back of the disk, also provide you with a bonus disc of more stuff that only movie idiots that love feature stuff would buy. Yes, this means that in addition to this one, I also got two more to flesh out the collection. Those of you that want to borrow them so that you don't have to purchase them to view them - the line starts BACK THERE! :) Again, this is another presentation of three movies that I think are indicative of what is modern day masterpieces without question.

Entrapment: Special Edition
I'm trying desperately to find out what this was bundled with and I can't for the life of me remember. It was a 2-movie set and if you remember before I do, post your comments here and we'll chat about it :) Other than Sean Connery being in it, the story of it is rather interesting - well that and the body suit and red lasers on a very luscious Catherine Zeta-Jones prior to being violated by Michael Douglas! :)

United 93: Widescreen
I've spoken to 4 people that hear me mention buying this disc and they have all said "Yeah, but we know how it ends." This movie, and the events of September 11th in general are so much more to me than just events that we know the outcome of. This movie, and many others that have either hit the Discovery Channel, A&E, the theaters, etc all are much more than that - they are what I consider educational experiences of life and should be viewed by all - especially if you call yourself an American living in the US. We must never forget how in the span of an hour, the world, our country, and future changed that crisp September morning and this movie is a testimate to that. Grab those you love, sit down and learn.

Romancing the Stone / The Jewel of the Nile: Special Edition
I have ALWAYS loved "Romancing the Stone" because it's one of the few movies that followed the Raiders of the Lost Ark/Indiana Jones franchise theory that DIDN'T SUCK. It also marks the time when Kathleen Turner was a WOMAN! What's happened to her voice, body and thighs? I keep expecting her and Beatrice Arthur to have a Sausage Smuggling contest. What is up with that?

The Sentinel: Widescreen
As most know, I'm a confirmed Keifer Sutherland Fan and so this was a must have. The detail in it and the not too shabby story take this and you along for the ride that it was made to be. The features on the disc are nothing to write home about and very obvious on why they were initially left out of the movie. The detailed interviews with the people that were former Secret Service operatives was very slick.

Brotherhood: The First Season:
I heard about and blogged about this at the LunchTimeGab website, but I never got the time to watch it. Strangely, the entire first season is just $17. I think that's not a good sign, but it made me want to buy it to see whassup :) Lots of acting talent, east-coast Irish Catholic Mob stories - what's not to like?

X-Men: The Last Stand:
As a dedicated Comic Book fan, I was very disappointed with this entry into what was a flourishing franchise under the reins of Bryan Singer. Brett Ratner - another accomplished but DIFFERENT director took the helm on this one and provided what was an adequate entry, but still lacking in a variety of ways. I'll have to watch with my wife here (who hasn't seen it) and see what I see. It also says that it has a variety of features that may turn the tide - we'll see shortly!

Toss me your comments! As anyone that listens to the LunchTimeGab and 2GuysTalking Casts knows, I LOVE me some great movies and there are surely some included here. I look forward to your comments - have a great day!