Monday, December 11, 2006

IMDB Update...

I have been going to the Internet Movie DataBase since it's inception back in 1996. Many things have changed, all for the better, including it's most recent alteration to the front page of what can easily be called the most prolific online entertainment research tool in history.

Cleaned up as many websites have over the years, the newest alteration to the IMDB provides you with a now center-based search field, rather than the hallmark left-top navigation-based search bar that I think will become very familiar over time as I continue to use it. What is also missing, though I would guess it is temporary, is the litany of advertisements on the top, ranging from DVD releases to the arrival of any one of thousands of feature films that have made their way to the silver screen over the years. I also see some broken images, which thankfully provides me with some saisfaction when not everything in a "site revamp" that i've been involved with doesn't all flesh out the first time. Chew on that, Steve :)

I also like that the DVD and feature film arrivals have what amounts to a very important place in this incarnation, along the left-hand side, giving what is a true "at-a-glance" view of what is coming up on entertainment.

I encourage everyone to check out the metamorphasis of the Internet Movie DataBase here at one of my other favorite online tools, The Internet Archive at Archive.Org, which gives a great history of just about any website that's been online. Also be sure to stop by the newly improved IMDB online and let us know what you think, here in the LunchTimeGab.Com's Comment System!