Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Acquisitions, January 2007...

The month of January has been a whirlwind - full of activities of every kind you can imagine. Between the launch of the 2GuysTalking: 24 Podcast for Season 6, the continually growing pile of work that is involved with the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network, a spontaneous radio station contest entry called "1GuyTalking", and my family and work life, this has been one crazy month folks. That being said, let's get to the new acquisitions from the last several months that will being the collection current, and provide you with insight on these great new entries to my collection.

-- Cinderella Man: Widescreen
This movie arrived originally at our door inside the Blockbuster DVD through the mail program, and I LOVED it. Not only is it another great entry from Ron Howard, starring Russell Crowe, but it is one of the more beautiful movies I've seen in a long time. The color palette in this movie was outstanding, and the story was a touching mix of depression-era biopic and hero story without ANY of the over-the-head boxing overtures made in most films that incorporate the sweet science. I think this movie never had the chance it deserved because of the unfortunate flap with Russell and the hotel concierge just prior to this movie's release and that really is a shame. This is one I would recommend for anyone, male or female, because it's way more than a boxing movie, and provided me with the opportunity to see Renee Zellwegger in something I really liked her in which is something truly strange for me. Other than Jerry McGuire I don't like almost everything she does.

-- Children of a Lesser God: Widescreen
A very touching movie that along with input from friends, my unceremonious hearing loss and a real interest in communication coaxed me into becomine a professional interpreter for the Deaf. Not so strangely, when we look at pictures of my wife when I met, her, she looked very much like Marlee Matlin in this movie. Strange how great things can be even greater in real life. ;) The commercial success of this movie, and the launching pad that this movie served as for so many actors really is a literal spawn point for me and my "adult life." The disc itself has nothing in the way of features, and while it was a cheap acquisition ($5.55 at Walmart), I hope that it's 25th Anniversary Addition will include some great features, some never-before-seen items and more background on what is a solid movie and inspiration.

-- Reservoir Dogs: 15th Anniversary Edition: Widescreen
One of the very few movies I have never seen all the way thought. This edition was an outstanding find at Target, for a mere $8.99. I know all the corny saying, I can name most of the characters, but I've never had the chance just to sit through it all. I'll have to make time to do that. The 15th Anniversary Edition really makes an entrance, in a pseudo gas can and the discs in it come in a giant matchbook. It's an outstanding, unique, very slick, and cost-effective addition to the collection.

-- CRANK: Widescreen
I've enjoyed Jason Statham's movie career since we first saw him in his solo debut back in 1998 in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. This offering id anotehr entry into his action career, and folks, it's strange. I want to like it, I want to chalk it up as another tasty "throw in the DVD for fun" entry, but it's going to have to grow on my. The editing could have been done a bit differently I think to benefit the entire movie all the way around.

-- The Beautician and the Beast: Widescreen
What is without a doubt, one of my wife's favorite movies, this romp with The Nanny Fran and Timothy Dalton is way more her decision to own than mine. :)

-- The Legend of Zorro: Widescreen
Another that was for sale in tandem with The Beautician and the Beast: Widescreen. We own the first one that was entertaining and I saw nothing that gave this a good review. We'll get together with some popcorn sometime in the next couple of months and take a look.

-- Bewitched: Widescreen
I haven't taken the time to watch this, but it was available on the $3.99 rack at Blockbuster when we were turning in some DVDs via their Total program. I don't like any of the actors much in this movie, but Gloria is a major league fan of Nicole Kidman.

-- North Country: Widescreen
I have not yet seen this although the critics were very complimentary of it as was my family. It should make a nice entry for a double-feature some night.

-- 24: Season 5
I am very interested in seeing the features in this DVD set. The price was amazingly low at jjust $42 bucks and I got it as a Christmas gift no less.

-- Wolf: Widescreen
This movie was bundled with the movie that I got the pack for, Identity, detailed below. This romp with Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer is one of those "also made" movies that when on television, it may or may not catch your attention. My guess is it won't. ;)

-- Identity: Widescreen
There are few movies that lift my eyebrows as quickly as this one did. With an ensemble cast, and one of my favorite actors, John Cusack, this movie provides you with something very different, very fresh and very twisty-turny. It's a pleasure to have it on my collection and I look forward to the several looks at a year it will provide.

-- Pirates of the Caribbean II: A Dead Man's Chest: Widescreen
The second in a series of 3, I am very interested to see what kind of features this DVD offers. It also came with a special musical CD that gives me 10 great "Pirate-related Tracks" from the past and the current. If you didn't get the chance to listen to The 2GuysTalking Review of this movie, make sure you don't miss it. It was great fun!

-- World Trade Center: 2-Disc Commemorative Edition: Widescreen
What was a very special movie, telling the tale of two Port Authority Cops that somehow avoided being killed as the World Trade Center Towers fell, is something that does literally that - tells the tale of two cops, two Towers, and 1 day that will be forever emblazened on so many. I have always taken the tack that movies like this give viewers not only a semblance of what it was like to be there in those locations that day, but also offers a form of education. The features on these discs are a marvel to behold and really do showcase real-life heroes that not only made the difference that day, but continue to do so into today and the future. While many have called it a"dollar sign harvest on those that experienced a tragedy" and "profiteering on 9/11", I'd like to see them say that to either of the families that were touched by this incident, who participated in it to make sure it was "done right" and it WAS done right.

-- The Illustionist: Widescreen
I really appreciated this movie, mostly because it has such a great cast, but that it was also recommended to me by my father, who is himself an amateur magician. The visuals in this movie are stunning, but most important are the actors portrayals in this film. The "Prince" is worth the price of admission and Paul Giamatti gives another supporting performance that is just supremely satisfying.