Saturday, April 07, 2007

New Acquisitions: April 2007

The last three months have been a whirlwind of activity, and we've recently acquired a new friend in the form of an HD Television and so the first thing that needed to be acquired was some new movies with which to pass the time. Thankfully with a birthday, some visits to the el cheapo movie store, and the release of some of the best films ever released in the last couple of months, it's been a lot easier to have options to watch than to be able to find time to watch them. Join me as I usher in a variety of new movies to my collection and remember to submit your comments on any of them.

-- Blood Diamond: There's something that's been burgeoning inside of Leonardo DiCaprio for a very long time, and it's not his political viewpoint on the environment. Leo is someone that I really like in the realm of acting and that showcase of talent has somehow been able to help me get by the sour taste I have regarding most of his political leanings and efforts. In any case, both he and Djimon Hounsou, along with Jennifer Connelly whom I loved Damon DeNiro, Jolie Baldwin, Hurt, Turturron "Beautiful Mind" are in this. While it's been painted as "depressing and dark" I think I saw a lot more to it than that. I'll get to review it formally later on this year.

-- The Good Shepherd: Ahhh, the story of the creation of the CIA, as told by many who oppose the current government - sounds like a buy for sure! This movie has a tour de force of acting talent including Damon, DeNiro, Jolie, Baldwin, Hurt, Hutton - man just a feast of acting. I have to admit though: I started watching it on an evening that I was very tired and FELL ASLEEP. That doesn't bode well for it at this point, but I promise to give it another shot.

-- Trespass: One of my FAVORITE guilty pleasure movies, TRESPASS was acquired, like 95% of the movies listed here, at one of a variety of second-hand movie shops. While I have avoided them in the past, the recent experiences of saving almost 80% on movies, especially TV DVD sets really is extraordinary. This movie, with Bill Paxton, Ice Cube, Ice T and William Sadler is a great "Indi-hoodia Jones" epics, with some of the coolest conventional special fx and was shot just "across the river" in the Illinois town of "East St. Louis." Gritty and full of racial tension and treasure, this is one that you SHOULD NOT MISS, and I found this one at one of the stores listed above for a paltry $2.95, in WIDESCREEN no less!

-- Tremors: Ahhh, the movie my Bonus Mom would stab you in the eye to watch again. This romp with Kevin Bacon and a show-stealing performance by Fred Ward and a gaggle of cameos that will not stop, is probably as good a sample of 90's camp horror as there will ever be. The difference? It includes GIANT CARNIVOROUS WORMS and doesn't suck! If you have the chance to watch it don't miss it and for gawd's sake: Watch it in WIDESCREEN already!

-- The Prestige: What will sadly be mixed to death with "The Illusionist" this film starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale is another outstanding "Twilight Zone/Outer Limits"-feeling tale of magic, betrayal, with some great twists and wonder that really doesn't disappoint. My father recently cued it up and wasn't impressed with it. I have to tell you that's a strange one - of the people I thought that would have liked this, I thought it would have been the first person I can remember seeing do magic for me :)

-- The Shield: Episodes 1,8,10 & 11: The Emmy Submission Disc: I got this on eBay recently for $11. It's the disc that the powers that be send out to the people that make the Emmy decisions and I was happy to snatch this up for what is a "The Shield" area that I have planned for the theater. I love this series and considering the lackluster offerings that "24" has had as of late, it is my favorite show on television. The pacing cannot be beat, the passion by Chiklis as the lead in this show is a clinic of power, vengeance and heart that few can match and if you aren't watching this series, it's time to start and acquire the previous DVD sets to get your fill of the best bad cop there has ever been.

-- Tucker: One of my favorite movies from the year of my graduation, Tucker was actually one of my first VHS acquisitions too. The story that's told is pulled off so wonderfully by Jeff Bridges, and the over-the-top badness of the "Big Car Companies" is something that appealed very much to an 18-year-old kid that "knew it all". Tucker was the first movie I saw after leaving my parents house and moving into the "big world on my own" and it was great to see that greatness, notoriety, success and stick-to-it-iveness could be achieved even if what you wanted people to buy was thought of as "worthless and a waste of time." There are moments of joy in this film that I still await arrival of in my life.

-- The Departed: The Academy Award-winning Movie of 2007 arrives at Casa de Wilkerson and it was OUTSTANDING. This is one that I have to get Brian and I to do a full review of because it is just simply that good a movie. Kudos to all that played in and created this masterpiece.

-- STAR TREK: NEMESIS: Believe it or not I HATED this STAR TREK movie when I saw it, but I have to tell you: After 5 years of being an avid reviewer of movies, television and more I have to give this one another chance: the reason? It was directed by Stuart Baird, who also directed Executive Decision and has edited together some great movies in the last 25 years that include: 1. Superman II aka Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, Executive Decision, Radio Flyer, The Last Boy Scout, Lethal Weapon, Lethal Weapon II, Tales from the Crypt, Gorillas in the Mist, The Original Omen, Superman the Movie and much more. So there's a lot of talent there my hope is that with 5 more years, a lot more life experience, a plasma television, and some respect for someone that clearly knows his craft, I'll be able to come away with something great. It's also the Silver Director's Edition disc that will feature the Mike Okuda text-over that talks about the creation of the graphics, special effects and more so I'm very excited about it. The disc couldn't be found anywhere in any regular retail store and I found it in the "why is this here?" bin at Best Buy for $9. Originally, it retailed for $24.95. Yummy.

-- Equilibrium: This movie was recommended to me by someone that loved the Matrix films, and then told me that I should watch this movie because most of what's done inside the Matrix films is done/originated here. Hmm, that's a tall accusation but I will enjoy trying to see if it's true. I enjoyed the Matrix films, and I enjoy both Christian Bale and Taye Diggs who star in it. Positive thoughts folks.

-- Major League: Wild Thing Edition: I got this because when the movie was being made, you guessed it: I was IN IT! We snuck out of school on one of the call days/evenings that they were filming this movie and waited in line for WAY TOO FRIGGIN LONG at County Stadium in Milwaukee to "get into the movie." Of course we all thought we'd have a close up and lines and recognition from the REAL actors,but sadly, we're a blip on the screen about45 minutes into the film. I'll try to get a screen of the shot we're saying we were in. It's a great memory.

More coming soon!