Sunday, August 03, 2008

Caption Hunt: Cast Away

Show Viewing Date: 8-2-2008
Show Title: Cast Away - Starring Tom Hanks
Network: TNTHD
Reviewed By: Mike Wilkerson - 2GuysTalking.Com


As I arrive back from a very short but satisfying rare mid-year vacation, I find myself drawn to watching and taking in the movie "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks, directed by Robert Zemeckis and noteably scored by Alan Silvestri. Those of you that have seen this film know "what happens" but I'd like to issue a quick spoiler warning to those of you that haven't yet seen the film. It's an outstanding film and my Caption Hunt Review of the movie "Cast Away" will destroy any surprise at all.

Opinion Review:

In this feature, Tom Hanks plays "Chuck" an A personality do-it-all guy that works for FedEx training people and solving solutions all over the world. Helen Hunt plays "Kelly" his soul mate who is a hungry doctorate student that loves Chuck, loves her life, and loves the way that Chuck makes her feel. All of that comes literally crashing as Chuck's ride home airflight slams into the south pacific where he is "cast away" into the deep blue in nothing but his frumpy sweater, socks, and a yellow life raft. Chuck is awakened the next day by the burst of his life raft as it strikes the rocky shore of a unique but still non-descript island that will serve as Chuck's home - for the next 5 years.

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