Tuesday, February 03, 2009

People Safari - West -As the Sun Sets on Another Tuesday...

Last week Tuesday, I left my regular 9-5er and went to a community coffee shop that I frequent. The instant I got in I knew that it was going to be one of those "grab my proverbial pithe helmet kind of stretches and sure enough - I was right!

In the booth next to me were two female gentle beings, both of similar height, weight and their calls (voices) were almost exactly the same. It looked as though they were both exhibiting "nesting" behaviour - one with a large series of stringy cloth strands (known in some cultures as "yarn") and long steel pins that were weaved in and out of the material. The other had some kind of electronic TV tray, that must have been powered by electricity because it emitted light. Obviously, both of these beings were from an advanced culture. On the lower half of the L-shaped electric TV tray, there were symbols on small rectangular seashell-sounding tiles that the one on the left was pushing down with both of her hands in almost an almost musical tamber, over and over again, often hitting a longer, rectangular "button" that made a definitive "clack!" as her little digit on the end of her right arm thundered across it, over and over again.

After approximately 30 minutes of silence, another, younger male, but clearly in the same genus individual arrived. From what I could gather via my Universal Interpreter Device (that works in all conditions, tempretures, environments and times of day), this was the son of the one that was clacking on the electric TV tray. Apparently the "son" had been sent home from school earlier in the day because he as now on something called "academic probation." Ahh, very interesting and revealing. It was hard for me to capture all of the details I had gleaned from my UI, but what I did noticed was the amount of the word "like" used, in almost every single fragmented sentence.


My UI also helped me understand that in addition to being on academic probation, that the son was also in danger of "flunking out" of some kind of institution - school I assume. It was apparently all the fault of the "stupid teachers" at his school, that clearly don't understand the way he works, and continue to disrepect the way he talks, dresses and acts while in their presence. Oh how terrible for him. Perhaps if he had more piercings on his face, the unruly "stupid teachers" would be better able to read his expressions. How unfair.

Shortly thereafter, the hatch the the coffee aromaed cave I was monitoring. In strode what looked like the same male offspring, but with a pink jacket, different facial piercings and giant earring studs that made the lobes of her ears enormous. Amazing: Except for the differing clothes and mammory glands, this one looked just like the other male offspring. She put down a large sack - perhaps books like the male offspring. Oh my, apparently she too was suffering under he boot of those same dreaded "stupid teachers" because she too was experiencing something called "academic probation" - the mama electric TV tray clacker seemed unfazed by the information and continued to smack her fingertips against the symboled seashell-sounding device.

As the veil of Mutial of Omaha's Wild Electronic Kingdom rises from the Grab the Wheel blog, my usual sarcasm is prepped and ready to get wet! I have been blogging for years now and every time I am in the middle of a situation like this I am reminded how mundane all of my previous witnessings truly are. Here, in front of everyone in the shop that I'm in is a nother paying next to no attention to her two pierced children, who have both just told her that they'e both on academic probation.

Both? In the same day?

Another question rises from my common-sense laced life How many piercings is "too many for what looks like a freshman and sophomore in high school? Do the giant stud loop earring lobes eventually "stretc back to normal? I could put my cell phone in this girls earlobe and she could carry it for me.

The other thing that just absolutely drops my jaw, is the almost complete lack of attention by the mother and (apparently) aunt to the children's plight. Unless something drastic has changed since I was in high school, academic probabation is a big deal. It seemed to be less important than the almond carmel mocha that she stepped away to get a refill of.

Can someone help me with what I'm witnessing here? I will continue to don my electronic pithe helmet and comment on things that I see from various perches in life.

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