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30 Days of Night - A Segment from The Caption Hunt

Movie Viewing Date: June 28th, 2008
Movie Title: 30 Days of Night

Reviewed By: Mike Wilkerson - The 2GuysTalking Caption Hunt


If someone were to ask me if I were a horror film fan, I'd probably say "no". In general I'm not a bloody gore for gore's sake fan, and I think that finding a fresh "look" at vampires is something that hasn't been done in an incredibly long time. Recently, a friend of mine had mentioned that not only were there a number of comic book movies coming out this year (all of which we're reviewing this year on The 2GuysTalking Podcast), but that one came out last year that many people would know nothing about. "Know nothing about" a comic book movie coming out? Instantly my interest was piqued and my hunt to find this "mystery comic book film" was intitiated. Would it be yet another dude or chick dressed in spandex? A fitted latex armour suit that had gadgets, perhaps? Ah, ha, what if perhaps it could be an "anti-hero" where it's just a guy with no super powers at all, who just does extraordinary things and understand that he's making a difference?

Clearly I'm locked into the focus of a superhero taking the center stage in this new comic book movie that came out last year and was released earlier this year on DVD. It wasn't a story about a modern-day hero in a red super suit, it was about a band of vampires, covered in red blood, stalking, hunting and destroying a town in northern Alaska, that experiences an annual black-out, that' provides them with with a platter-creating "30 Days of Night."

Previews/Commercials Captioned: Yes

Opinion Review:

As I stated previously, horror films are not generally an easy sell for me. This one carried through in my interest cue by being a comic-based tale, and then the hook? That it took place in an Alaskan Town that, every year, experiences "30 Days of Night" - a regularly-anticipated "dark spot" in the lives of a very ordinary community of people that live their lives just like you and I do - in a very cold and remote environment.

The movie inspires not only with these two attention-getting initial details, but also with what is a very well put-together cast. Starring Josh Harnett, Dany Houston, and a cast of people that provide solid performances across the horror movie genre, this film delivers not only a different "feel" to vampire films, but a completely different and chaotic look of vampires. Whether it's the very naturally scary-looking people that are of course covered in blood, to the original stunt coordination, to the ability of the characters to halt what could be easy samples of "stupid horror film" traits that plague films of this genre, this is a solid offering that gives you creepy, dark bloody, and viable, understandable gore that "fleshes" out a very entertaining off-shoot vampire story that doesn't disappoint.

The captioning both inside of this film, including the commercials and trailers are all very well done. There are no spelling mistakes of any kind, and it's great to see the different names of people that are different, not only because they're original names, but because of the area they live in. Eban, Mallkai and more are showcased wonderfully, as are the names of the would-be nameless vampires as the captioning follows their "voices" by captioning who is making the vocalizations, though their name is never said. A shining, golden turnip in this offering is the complete captioning not only of the features included, but a captioning of the commentary included on this disc. Things like that are TRULY appreciated and something not seen often.

Special/Supplemental Features Captioned: Yes

Overall Caption Rating: 5

Overall Show Rating: 4

Total Rating: 4

Do You Recommend This Show to Others Who Depend on Captioning? Yes

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