Thursday, September 11, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance, Snuggle, and Ken Dippold...

Let me be plain - I do NOT think I can dance, regardless of how much I drink, who's company I'm in, or -- let's face it - I know I cannot dance. :) Last month, ironically while on a strange and all-too-short family vacation, I was contacted by our pals over at RocketXL, a web-based promotional group that we've worked with since the inception of 2GuysTalking and they asked us if we wanted to partcipate in a great new promotion that Snuggle was tossing through. Being the ever-interested online Barnum & Bailey folks that we are, we said "yes" and jumped in - with both feet so to speak.

Having never seen the show, "So You Think You Can Dance" and only having used Snuggle long enough to know that I liked the original's smell better than most of the other stuff I could smell at the food store, we ventured forward. How on EARTH could I tie in something like "Snuggle" and "So You Think You Could Dance" to my life, television and our audience. Then it hit me...

STORY TIME! Ahh, the web-based bliss of yet another Wilkerson tale.


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